Who is inside of 7ieteLAB?

NoLo, founder and Spanish Teacher 2.0

My name is NoLo, and I am the founder and Spanish teacher at 7ieteLAB. I am passionate about teaching and learning world languages. My teaching interests include project-based learning, web 2.0 tools, and authentic resources. I am constantly looking for ways to integrate technology into my classes. My primary goal is to help my students become global citizens and 21st century skill learners.



My philosophy

I am a teacher with artisan philosophy. I love my work and my greatest pride is the personal satisfaction of a work well done.

The results are happy students who have a real contact with the language and culture from the first class. Strong bet for technology as a source of knowledge, but rely 100% on the best traditional approaches. I am looking for the resources that are useful to our task, I have the tools, and most importantly, I teach. I teach my students to be global citizens. To know the culture of that country and interact effectively in everyday real life situations. I love a job well done, that’s it!


What is 7ieteLAB?

7ieteLAB is my home. 7ieteLAB is a reflection of what I believe and the way I work.

7ieteLAB is a language laboratory and my main goal is to make you to think in Spanish. I work in a very intensive communication and interaction way, and you can notice the results from the first minute of class. I provide private Spanish classes on Skype, Google Hangouts, or ooVoo.  With my online classes you can learn faster and easier. Never again you will feel dizzy when you have to communicate with a native.


Why 7ieteLAB?

7 are the days of the week, 7 are the colors of the rainbow and 7 are the capital sins. In addition, 7 are the wonders of the world and 7 are the musical notes. Do you need some explanation?

If the answer to the question above is yes, take this little test. Ask a friend to create a short list of 10 numbers or words. Read it again. Try to remember the elements and say them aloud. Most of the people repeat a maximum of 7 elements. All of this has to do with our working memory, the short term memory we use. For example, in talks, in tour a city, or when we dial a phone number. This short term memory serves as a blackboard, writing and erasing information all the time without passing it to our long-term memory. In the class we are focusing the most of the time in training this short-term memory, so you can improve easily your fluency in a fastest way.

Short and long memory

The history of 7ieteLAB

We are just starting teething, but we have a great experience.

I founded 7ieteLAB in 2011 with the idea to create a dynamic and a high quality language school. I started teaching Spanish in Poznań (Poland), and nowadays I provide the 99% of classes online. From the beginning 7ieteLAB was designed to break the mold, to investigate,  to innovate, and to provide a quality education focused on the needs of my students. That’s why I call 7ieteLAB a language laboratory. I love to see how my students experience and test my experiments. I try everyday to move away from the concept of “classroom” in our classes and I take my students to navigate the seas of reality that language offers.

Conversacións en galego

Why 7ieteLAB teaches online?

Because you save time and money without leaving home, with the comfort and security that you have a professional  in front of you.

I remember 7ieteLAB´s beginning.  I bet heavily on the online language teaching in Poland, and I was not wrong. Today I am teaching students from all over Poland, Germany, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, Norway, Holland, France, Cyprus, Switzerland, Italy… with students who rely daily on me. Flexible hours, lots of fun during our classes and professionalism. You speak from the first minute of class. Because I know that learning a language is a major investment, I have the responsibility and the tools to make this investment to become a success.