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1. Spanish is everywhere

We are more than 500 million Spanish speakers across the world as a first or second language, and you can communicate in Spanish officially in 20 countries worldwide.

2. Knowing Spanish will enhance your travel experience.

Knowing Spanish and the culture of the place you visit will get you far, and will give you insights into the people and culture that a simple tourist would never have access to. Spanish will open you the door to a whole new travel experience.

3. Learning Spanish is amazing.

With the knowledge of Spanish you can gain a sense of how other people think and feel in more than 20 different countries, discovering our rich culture.

4. Learning Spanish is fun.

Are you looking for something fun to do? Spanish is the happiest language in the world. We love “fiesta” and you too.

5. Being able to speak Spanish can improve your employment potential.

More and more companies are hiring bilingual employees in Spanish, who will immerse themselves in other cultures. The ability to Speak Spanish will give you a competitive edge in the job market. Also, your skills in Spanish can put you in line for a promotion.

6. Enjoy Spanish literature, Spanish films, Spanish music and Spanish culture in their original versions.

When you speak Spanish it opens a whole new world of arts, communication, and culture that you may never have been able to enjoy with before.

7. Meet new friends that will last a lifetime.

Spanish speaking people love talking. And we have met most of our closest friends by striking up conversations with people we have just met. Yes, in Spanish, and yes, on the street or at the party.