Business Spanish lessons via Skype



This is the best choice when in your professional career you need more than just good general Spanish.

Each job, industry and profession has a language that is very unique to that particular area of work. In our offer you can find a rich offer of lessons imparted by professional teacher, mostly of them specialists in the area they are teaching:

  • Business Spanish 
  • Legal Spanish.
  • Spanish for logistics.
  • Spanish for hotel staff. 
  • Spanish for airline staff. 
  • Spanish for tour guides. 
  • Spanish for medical professionals. 
  • Spanish for tourism. 
  • Nautical Spanish.
  • Spanish for Occupational Safety and Health.

We also offer special Spanish courses designed to help develop key business skills:

  • Telephone conversation.
  •  Business correspondence.



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Levels:        A2,B1,B2,C1,C2


From Monday to Friday:  07:30 / 17:00 / 18:15 / 19:30 / 21:00

**Saturdays:  09:00 / 10:15 / 11:30 / 12:45


Classes:      60 min


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** saturdays available from October 1 to June 30.

Spanish teacher

My name is NoLo, and I am the founder and Spanish / Galician teacher at 7ieteLAB. I am passionate about teaching Spanish, Galician and learning world languages. My teaching interests include project-based learning, web 2.0 tools, and authentic resources. I am constantly looking for ways to integrate technology into my classes. My primary goal is to help my students become global citizens and 21st century skill learners.



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a) I want to take private online lessons via skype. What should I do to get started?

1. Contact us to book your FREE TRIAL LESSON. Choose the day and time and we will get in touch with you to give you the simple steps to have the free trial class. 2. Enjoy your free trial class and discover a new world with 7ieteLAB. At the end of the free trial class you can book the number of lessons you prefer.

b) Is there a free trial class?

Yes. Before you book and pay for any private Spanish lesson, you can get your free trial Spanish lesson. The lessons lasts around 30 minutes. This lesson helps you to know how we work, and we can check your language skills, and also we can check that your Internet connection is valid to take online lessons with us.

c) Are the materials included in the price?

Yes. In private lessons materials are tailor-made and are included in the price.

d)Do the private lessons have a flexible schedule?

Yes. When you book a lesson you report the date and hour you want to have each lesson. But you can negotiate hours each week with your teacher.

e) What is the difference between a Spanish Conversation lesson and General Spanish lesson?

The difference is in the goals of the class. A conversation class is designed to practice the oral expression and interaction. This type of class is aimed at people who want to increase their fluency in conversation and interaction. General Spanish lesson (conversation + grammar) is designed for language learning step by step. These lessons practice all the aspects of the language: oral expression, written expression, reading and listening. In addition to a cultural approach to language. This type of class is aimed at people who want to increase knowledge of the language without neglecting anything.

f) What if I have to cancel a lesson I had booked?

Nothing, if you notify us at least 12 hours before the class starts. We use the following rule for class cancellations: 1-4 reserved classes: You can cancel up to 1 class canceling at least 12 hours before the start of the class for free. 5-8 reserved classes: You can cancel up to 2 classes canceling at least 12 hours before the start of the class for free. 9 or more reserved classes: You can cancel up to 3 classes canceling at least 12 hours before the start of the class for free.

g) What happens if I change the time of my class within the same week?

Nothing. Whenever you notify at least 12 hours before the class start. We will try to change the class to another day during the week, trying to adapt to your schedule.

h) What happens if I change or cancel a class after the deadline?

Changes and cancellations that are not made within 12 hours will not be accepted and relevant class shall be considered carried unable to recover money from the class. If this occurs due to unforeseen causes last minute, each case will be considered individually.

i) What is the validity period of the reserved classes?

You can book the classes you want and use them within the validity periods: – The period of validity of reserved classes is 90 days from the first day of class (class number 1).

j) How is a lesson via Skype with 7ieteLAB?

In 7ieteLAB, private Spanish lessons are provided by a native Spanish teacher fully qualified. The class length is 60 minutes. The class runs live through a video and voice communicator (skype, hangouts, ooVoo …). Each Private Spanish lesson is tailor-made, with flexible hours, according to the needs of each student.

k) I have already done the trial class and I want to book private Spanish lessons. How can I pay?

You had the trial class and you have decided to book lessons with us. Well done! There are three methods of payment: – Bank Transfer: Through the web, you book the course you need, and choose the “bank transfer” option. Once you have booked your lessons we will send you an email with all the payment information. – Credit card:Through the web, you book the course / class you want. You select the payment by credit card and you will be redirected to a secure Paypal payment gateway. 7ieteLAB has no access to any information regarding your card details or personal payment data. All this is done through PayPal secure gateway. – Paypal: If you have a paypal account, you can pay directly from your paypal account through paypal gateway.

l) Should I use headphones during the lesson?

Not required, but to avoid interfering background noises in class, it is highly recommended.