1. These regulations (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”) determine the rules of the functioning and the conditions of using the online services of “7ieteLAB” operating on 7ietelab.com, in particular the scope, type and form of services performed by 7ieteLAB via the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”).
  2. Manuel Domínguez-Pérez, address: Św.Rocha 19P/4, 61-142 Poznań, Tax Identification Number: 7822546800 (hereinafter referred to as “7ieteLAB”) is the owner and the administrator of the 7ieteLAB Website.
  3. Any adult person may be a user (hereinafter referred to as “Student”) of the Website and its services. In case of non-adults, a permit of the person’s legal caretaker or representative is necessary.
  4. The Regulations are available on 7ietelab.com website. 7ieteLAB reserves the right to alter the Regulations. Information concerning any change to the Regulations whatsoever shall be published on the 7ieteLAB website and shall be easily visible.
  5. On starting to use the Web Portal and making the first purchase of the services performed by 7ieteLAB, the user declares that the contents of the Regulations are well known to them and declares to accept all its conditions.
  1. Using the Website, the Student has a possibility to purchase both individual language lessons in ways suggested by 7ieteLAB and a group language course. A condition necessary to create a group within a language course is the application of minimum 3 persons. 7ieteLAB also permits the possibility of individual agreement on a suitable way of learning a language with the Student, which will suit their particular needs and expectations. Detailed information on the languages which are taught individually as well as language courses is available on the 7ieteLAB website.
  2. 7ieteLAB offers a possibility to learn a given language in the way of online individual lessons or online courses carried out by a teacher with the use of any software devoted for voice communication, taking advantage of VoIP (such as Skype, an online communicator, which makes it possible to have free conversations and video-conferences).
  3. An individual lesson means an hour, that is the whole 60 (sixty) minutes.
  4. The time of lessons as part of a group course means a lesson of minimum 45 (forty-five) minutes. In order to guarantee efficiency of learning for all members of a group, the standard time of a lesson is 90 (ninety) minutes.
  5. A technical condition, necessary for a lesson or an online course, is to have a VoIP communication software installed as well as an active user’s account on the computer used.
  6. An up-to-date pricelist of the services offered by 7ieteLAB as regards the available options is available on the website 7ietelab.com.
  7. 7ieteLAB reserves the right to change the prices of the lessons and courses given on the website.
  8. A new pricelist is applicable to all new students and the current students who have stopped learning with 7ieteLAB and restarted their learning on condition that a minimum of 180 days passed after the last lesson.
  9. Changes to the prices of particular individual lessons and group courses do not apply to a Student who purchased a package of individual or group lessons at 7ieteLAB prior to the changes and takes advantage of the package on the day the changes come into force.
  1. 7ieteLAB offers a trial lesson.  Trial lesson last 45 min. and costs 30 PLN.
  2. It is possible to reserve a trial lesson in two different ways – 1) using the contact form available on the Website (bookmark “Contact”); you need to choose a suitable time and date of the lesson and fill in the contact form, or 2) sending an email with information on a suggested time and date directly to info(at)7ietelab.com. 7ieteLAB shall confirm the reservation within 24 hours by sending information to an email address given in the form. In case you should not receive the confirmation of the trial lesson reserved via the contact form within 24 hours, it is necessary to send an inquiry concerning a reservation directly to info(at)7ietelab.com.
  3. A trial lesson does not bear any consequence whatsoever towards 7ieteLAB as to the necessity of purchasing a package of regular lessons or a group course. The trial lessons aim at determining a student’s individual needs and expectations concerned with language learning, presenting the method and the style of 7ieteLAB, as well as verifying the quality and the speed of the Internet connection, which shall provide for comfortable online cooperation, devoid of problems in the future.
  1. A student can purchase individual online lessons as single lessons or in the form of packages offered by 7ieteLAB, which contain a number of hours individually chosen by a student.
  2. Payment for a lesson or a package of lessons shall be done in advance by means of a bank transfer to a bank account given by 7ieteLAB or via a Paypal payment system. A condition necessary to have a lesson reserved for a chosen date is a confirmation of the payment on the 7ieteLAB’s bank account.
  3. In order to purchase an individual lesson or a group course you need to:
    1. Go to the bookmark “Book lessons” and choose a date and an hour.
  4. Making reservations for the time and date of lessons carried out by 7ieteLAB is done by means of an email.
  5. A lesson or a package of lessons purchased from 7ieteLAB must be used within maximum 6 (six) months from the purchase date. After that time, a lesson or a package of lessons are lost.
  1. In accordance with the Regulation of 2 March 2002 regarding the protection of certain consumer rights liability for damage caused by dangerous products, the Student being a physical person, who has bought a product which is not directly connected with his economic or professional actions (a consumer), may resign from the service purchased from the Website within 14 days from the date of signing the agreement (long distance agreement) without giving specific reasons for doing so.
  2. In order to take advantage of the resignation right, it is enough to sign a written statement of resignation and send it to the address of 7ieteLAB stipulated in 1 p. 2 of the Regulations within the abovementioned time. A sample of such a statement of resignation is available on the 7ieteLAB’s website.
  3. In case of a long-distance agreement, the agreement is considered void, and the consumer is discharged from any obligations. Whatever services the parties carried out shall be returned unchanged. In such cases, 7ieteLAB shall refund the payment within 14 days via bank transfer or Paypal to the Student’s bank account number provided.
  1. In case the Student needs to cancel a lesson reserved beforehand, the Student is obliged to inform 7ieteLAB 6 hours before the planned time of the lesson at the latest, either via a text message or a telephone call (contact number +48 511 244 228) or by sending an email.
  2. Should the lesson be cancelled less than 6 hours before its schedule, the lesson shall be assumed done. In that case, the Student has no right to be given a refund for the lesson.
  3. In case the student needs to postpone a lesson reserved before to another time or date, the Student is obliged to inform 7ieteLAB 6 hours before the planned time of the lesson at the latest, either via a text message or a telephone call (contact number +48 511 244 228) or by sending an email including such information. The change of a date or time on a Student’s demand depends on the teacher’s availability.
  4. Should there be a need to cancel a lesson or change its date and time due to an illness and unexpected events, 7ieteLAB shall inform a student about the change at least 6 hours before the planned timetable, at the same time suggesting a new date for the lesson, or having the lesson carried out by another teacher. Should the Student be informed less than 6 hours before the planned timetable, as a compensation, 7ieteLAB shall provide the Student with one lesson extra free of charge.
  • 7. DELAYS

Punctuality is crucial for 7ieteLAB. For this reason, out of respect and professional approach, 7ieteLAB pays a lot of attention to starting a lesson on time. However, taking various, sudden and unexpected life situations into consideration, 7ieteLAB implements the following rules concerning sudden delays in starting a lesson on account of the Student:

  1. Should 7ieteLAB be informed about the delay (as stipulated in 6 p.1 of the Regulations):
    1. Up to 5 minutes, there are no consequences as to having a lesson shortened
    2. Over 5 minutes – despite starting the lesson late, the lesson shall be finished on schedule
  2. Should 7ieteLAB not be informed about a delay concerning a scheduled starting time of a lesson, the teacher shall wait 10 minutes for the Student. If the Student does not inform 7ieteLAB about the delay within that period of time, the lesson shall be considered done. In that case, the student has no right to refund nor to have the lesson done in another time.

Normally, once the trial lesson is successful, 7ieteLAB is sure the online connection the Student uses is fast enough to continue lessons online. However, it may happen that the Student may come across unexpected computer or connection problems, which may hinder or make it impossible to have a lesson at a scheduled time. In such a case, should 7ieteLAB be informed before (in the way stipulated in §6 p. 1 hereinbefore) the lesson shall be postponed to a different time or a different day, and the Student shall not be charged for the lesson.

Should the situation repeat on numerous occasions, the lessons shall be done as planned, taking into consideration the connection problems of the Student

In case of connection problems derived from the teacher of 7ieteLAB, the teacher shall offer a new date of the lesson. In such a situation 7ieteLAB shall offer one lesson extra, free of charge, as a form of compensation.

  1. By ordering from the Website, the Student gives consent to have their personal data processed by 7ieteLAB in order to have the agreement fulfilled on conditions stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Act of 29.08.1997.
  2. The student agrees to provide their personal data voluntarily. Should the Student not agree to provide their personal data, 7ieteLAB will be prevented from offering its services to the Student. With another consent, the Student’s personal data shall be processed by 7ieteLAB in order to inform the Student about special offers and new services available on the Web Portal.
  3. The Student is entitled to verify their personal data, alter them and demand to have them deleted. The Student shall be held responsible for providing false personal data.

Last updated on 01.06.2015